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Where You Can Find Me

These are the websites that I'm normally apart of. If I join anymore, I'll update this list. If you happen to see me on any other unmentioned website than what's listed above and/or use any other email address other than my normal email at, then it's not me. If you're unsure, feel free to send me a note to verify if it's me or not. :meow:





Skyrim by skinnyveestampSkyrim Khajiit Stamp by WeirdHyenaMy Own World by jrtraceySarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Anti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-ZoneLaughatfailtrolls by prosaixI'm not normal. I'm me by zaz14ispottermadArt Trade Stamp by ChibySmiley528.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotHaters gonna Hate by SparkLumPokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessencepokemon timeline stamp by kuribohspiritAnimal lover. by Monster-BoarI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateStamp: I Hate It When I... by Northern33Just Stupid People Stamp by Northern33FRIENDS STAMP by emo-city_Stamp_ Digital Traditional by The-Cactus-Runner:: Liek thanks you :: by Liekif you hate my art stamp by TribalTripleNFantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146Pokemon Stamp by Magegirl-NinoI love my watchers by tRiBaLmArKiNgSArt theft stamp by KainTheVampireLordArt Theft by TokyoyoHStamp: Do not beg for points by Silver-MoonNightTeleporting Naked Guys by VAL0VETrue Artist Stamp by chibibarragePewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwlerKEEP CALM. and throw Barrels by VAL0VEBROFIST. by VAL0VESlow interwebz by prosaixAnother apocalypse... by prosaixIn My Opinion... by SuperAelitaGimme more sleep by prosaixI Love The Rain by WearwolfaaPajamas Stamp by Worldincoffee


Frequently Asked Questions

:bulletgreen: Where Did You Come Up With The Username, "Rosewater?"

~ Rosewater is supposed to symbolize the typical game that people like to play with roses, or flowers, "he/she loves me, he/she loves me not" by picking apart a flower petal for each time you say it. This is supposed to portray how people would play this game over a creek and to let the rose petals float on top of the water and to hopefully drift out to sea to let their wishes come true, hence the name, "Roses on the water," or "Rosewater". :)

:bulletblue: What Tools Do You Use?

~ I use a .5 lead mechanical pencil for the drawing process of the lineart, then inked with a Sakura Micron .20 MM Pen, and if I do digital work, I paint it with Adobe Photoshop CS6 after scanning it to my computer. At the moment, I can't afford to use more traditional tools and so I use what I have.

:bulletgreen: What Kind of Tablet Do You Use?

~ I just currently got a Wacom Intuos tablet with a small pen that I'm still getting used to and I've used it to paint my last two pieces while still switching in between using the mouse as well. Otherwise, every digital piece that you see in my gallery from May 3, 2014 all the way back to 7 years ago was all painted with a mouse.

:bulletblue: Can I Use Your Works on My Social Media Site (Like YouTube)?

~ No. Please respect the copyright.

:bulletgreen: Can you draw something for me?

~ I don't draw requests. I only accept commissions. For commission prices, note me for information.

:bulletblue: What Did You Do To Get Your Book Published?

~ It was a long and grueling process that didn't just happen overnight ^^; It was an almost 9 year journey and I had a lot of fun with writing out the adventures of Selena and her dragon partner, Thor, in the Armageddon Series. For more details on all that I went through, you can click on the link below to my small little guide of what I personally did:

:bulletgreen: Can You Come To My Gallery and Provide Feedback?

~ Unfortunately I don't have time to go to random profiles to offer feedback and critique. If I ever do, it's on my own time and my own terms. That, and I'm not good at offering critique >.<'

:bulletblue: Why Won't You Answer My Messages?

~ ... I get a lot of these. -_-'

I try to answer all of the messages that I get but unfortunately I'm very busy and don't always have the time to go through. I always read my messages/comments, even if I don't reply to them. Please be respectful.

:bulletgreen: May I Use Your Works For Practice?

~ Yes you can, as long as you let me know first and that you state in the artist's comments of where the original reference was from. Otherwise, I don't have a problem with it.

:bulletblue: Can You Help Promote My Profile/Get Me Some Watchers?

~ Please don't ask me for watchers and for me to promote your profile/work. My profile is not for advertising, it's for sharing my artwork and literature with you guys. I'm grateful to have a lot of people who enjoy my work, but I will not use my profile just to promote others.

:bulletgreen: Will You Be My Friend?

~ You would be surprised at how often I get these messages...

Friendship happens over time. You can't just simply walk up to someone and ask, "Can we be friends?" I'm friendly to everyone but it takes a lot more than that to just establish an actual friendship with someone, especially with talking to people online. This is kind of a silly question to ask someone anyway. That, and it makes me feel uncomfortable when people do this. If you want me as a friend, just talk to me. Friendship happens naturally. ~

Which one would you prefer: Mega Steelix or Mega Glalie? 

91 deviants said Fuck that shit, I want my Mega Rayquaza, FTW!
44 deviants said Mega Steelix
27 deviants said Mega Glalie


Yay For The Demo! ~

Tue Oct 21, 2014, 12:37 PM

I'm so excited for the release of the full game for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire now!  I just played through the demo adventures 10 times to get all the rewards that I can transfer over to the full game for when it comes out.  I already pre-ordered it and so on the release day of November 21st, I'll be heading over to Gamestop to pick up my reserved copy ;)  

And for those who haven't received the newsletter with the demo code download, I would recommend adding in your contacts list to make sure that any emails, including the newsletters, won't be sent to your spam/junk folders (that is if you made sure that you opted to receive the newsletters with your account through the main website at the bottom of your profile settings).  If that still doesn't work, then I would recommend contacting Nintendo in regards to the issue.  Today isn't over yet but I still would just in case because I know that some people are having this issue :(  

Otherwise, I can't wait for the full game!  The demo brought back so many good memories of Sapphire and Ruby for me and to see the game in the updated graphics to X and Y was just incredible... I'm in a state of ecstasy right now :aww: 

Pokemon Sapphire was the first pokemon game that I've ever played.  I was 12 years old when my grandfather bought me my first gameboy advance along with a copy of Pokemon Sapphire.  That was right after I was taken away from my parents and was sent to live with my abusive aunt.  That was the game that I played that helped me keep my mind off everything negative around me.  It was my comfort, it was the happiest part of my life at that point.  Even after I was finally sent to live with my grandparents for about 8 years after that, I still loved playing Pokemon Sapphire.  It held a huge role in helping me mellow out while being fun and enjoyable while I went on adventures with my trusty mudkip companion.  The fact that Nintendo wants to do these remakes means so much to me and because of that, I'm so fucking excited to see the happiest part of my childhood being updated in the X and Y graphics along with expanding more on the story line with mega evolutions and other stuff too. :)

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  • Playing: Pokemon ORAS Demo
  • Eating: Tuna fish
  • Drinking: Coffee

~ Those Who Donated To The Book Fundraiser ~

Paperback Book Donators <3

This is the list of those who donated to my paperback book fundraiser :) If you want an actual signed paperback copy of my book, The Sorcerer's Dragon, that's already been published as an ebook, let me know! Donate $15.00 USD so I can purchase the 50 copies I need to have my publisher sell both the ebook download and the paperback copy :D

The book donation fundraiser is over with at this point in time. I wasn't able to get enough of the funds to raise up the $612.70 that I needed to buy the 50 paperback copies for my publisher to release them as paperbacks; plus, my book was full of grammatical errors that my editor didn't catch at all and I would prefer to not see those in print >.<'

I'm still keeping a list of everyone who donated. I have contacted and notified them to let them know that I will be issuing their refund of the amount that they've donated. As soon as the refund is made, they will be taken off the list and this widget will be deleted once all refunds are due.

:bulletgreen: Amanda Frederick (personal RL friend of mine)
:bulletred: :iconshadowhunterspartan:
:bulletgreen: :iconangelheartthewarrior:
:bulletorange: :iconstudiolights:

Otherwise here, you can purchase the ebook version:



~ DA Family ~

My DA and IRL Family <3


My primary language is English, but I know enough Spanish to carry on a conversation. :)

If you want to keep up with me, I'm usually on MSN messenger or gmail. (for MSN messenger) (Gmail)

If also, God forbid, if I'm ever on Skype, you can reach me here (I'm rarely on though):


My DA Family:

Awesome boyfriend and love of my life: :iconrco34:
Great friend: :iconcommonplague:
Teeny daughter: :iconheadphonekitty:
Father: :iconalleluia00:
Crazy sister: :iconspookybjorn:
Sister: :iconxxjayy-loverxx:
Dragon brother: :iconvictortky:
Crazy Uncle: :iconsedsone:
Cousin: :icontyphization:
Pet Eevee: :iconluciana-vee:
Little Sister: :iconcaty34576:
Young Sister: :iconlittlekhajiitlover:
3rd little sister: :iconxxcocofishxx:
Crazy twin sister: :iconmizuki3654:
Pet Dragon: :iconjessegc:



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Anything you guys can give is greatly appreciated, even if it's just 1 point! :) I want to save up the points for my group, :iconart-sanctuary: for contest prizes and stuff for my members ^^

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